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Isabelle Shy

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Shoe Dangling

I love the anticipation that comes with shoe dangling…. there is something erotic about it, almost off, almost on…dangling precosiously from My toes.
I will post photos on this site often, perhaps a clip teaser now and again if you ask Me nice enough. Full clips will be uploaded to all categories, so be sure to check there often. Join My facebook page to get all the latest updates when I update My site.
Fireplace Footsies

It was a nice relaxing evening, and I curled myself up on my big comfy chair with a great book in my hands and a roaring fire by my side. As I read, I dangle My shoe off the tips of My toes, letting it wiggle dangerously close to the edge as I sway My leg back and forth, up and down. Will it fall off? The anticipation for those watching is immeasurable.

This is a 100% unaware clip.

12 minutes……….$11.99……….more info
Like what you see, My darling? Check out the shoe dangling pages that I have here for a tantalizing tidbit….. I will post more in each category often and as always, full video clips are available for your viewing pleasure.

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