Giantess & Shrunken Man foot videos starring Isabelle Shy, Evil Manda, Preya and Ji

Isabelle Shy

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Under My Feet

I do NOT do live crush, so don't ask Me.

25 minutes……….$24.99……….more info
Honey, I Blew Up Isabelle Shy

In this parody of HIBUTK, Isabelle is transformed from an innocent little girl to a vicious vixen. She grows 3 times and enjoys playing with Ji and Preya - chasing them around, threatening them with Her feet, almost sitting on them, then picking them up to lick, bite and masturbate with the car the girls are in. She then tucks Ji into the back of Her panties, drops Preya in the front and continues to enjoy them as toys.
8 minutes……….$9.99……….more info
Strawberry Crush

I know that even though they look like strawberries, they are still able to see and feel….and fear. :)

I start by breaking in My new stilettos…crushing the little squishy berry men one at a time. Then I slip off My shoe and squash the rest under My bare foot until there are no survivors.
7 minutes……….$9.99……….more info
Stocking Slave

I call one of My little pets to Me…. He comes to stand at My stocking clad feet and looks up at Me. I tell him that I forgive him for trying to escape and I begin to play with him with My feet, pressing the hot nylon against him, making him climb as high as he can up My leg, making him kiss My fragrant toes, giving him a little peak up My skirt…it does not take long for him to pick up on the sarcasm.
17 minutes……….$19.99……….more info

I dig a neglected pet out of a dusty cage in a dark corner of the studio and decide to play with him. I hold him in My hands, press him against My boots, make him lick them clean- but that is taking too long! I decide to rub his little tiny body against My boots to polish them clean, pressing him against each inch, buckle and tie. When I see how turned on he is, it gets Me aroused and I rub his tiny body against My pussy.
15 minutes……….$19.99……….more info
Good Morning

My boyfriend matt wakes to a surprise. While he slept, I shrank him down to a nice tiny size. I make him rub My feet, the toes he used to rub so lovingly are now huge and threatening. I pick him up and squeeze him between My cleavage and at long last, I grow tired of him and decide to tuck him in the back of My thong....
23 minutes……….$24.99……….more info
Chez Cheese

My friend Jo won the lottery and I want all that money! I trick him into coming over for a glass of wine and shrink him down! Now I will get that Swiss bank account info from him and the money will be mine! I squeeze him in My hands, smother him between My breasts and torture him with My feet before he caves. Silly little man! Now I need to dispose of him, and what better way than to make a Jo and cheese sandwich? I make him watch as I seductively make the sandwich, then I add the best part- him! Watch Me gobble him up.
11 minutes……….$10.99……….more info
Lycra Lover

I used My powers to shrink down a new little pet. First I manhandle him a little before making him lick the bottoms of My 8" heeled boots. I press him down into the bed, smothering him beneath My massive boot. When My displeasure at his lame attempts at worship peaks, I decide he can kiss My ass- literally!

First I press his tiny face into the soft black fabric of My leggings but that is not good enough. So, I slide his little helpless body into the leggings, pinning his body against the soft skin of My ass. I demand that he kiss it, lick it, worship it....but in the end I am disappointed and sit down on him, snuffing his life out between My bare ass and the tight black fabric.
Patrick's Playtime

Based on one of My private sessions, watch as I take My little pet patrick out to play. I tease his naked body with My feet, then after I am done….enjoying Myself….I pick him up and give him a kiss

6 1/2 minutes……….$6.99……….more info
My Newest Pet

My newest pet rags is not living up to My expectations…I give him several tries to earn his keep…but in the end he ends up crushed beneath My bare foot

6 minutes……….$7.99……….more info
Gothic Car Crush

My toes are aching from being in My 6" stilettos all day, so after a little teasing, I take one shoe off and fondle the car with My bare foot. It is not long before the need to destroy it and its tiny occupants overtakes Me and I crush the shit out of this little car with My stiletto.

9 minutes……….$10.99……….more info
Cop Crush

I pace around the itty bitty little cops, telling them their crimes…. a speeding ticket here, harassment at a pride event there…. then I start delivering punishment.

6 minutes……….$6.99……….more info
Preya's First Pet

Preya sits outside to have a beer and a cigarette and plays with Her new toy- her first shrunken man! And she likes him so much more tiny and helpless!

6 minutes……….$7.99……….more info
Bone Shaker (multi cam version)

I stroke My pet's naked body with My foot and he gets hard, like a little insignificant pin sliding under My foot. I press My big toe between his legs and crush that little penis. Crushing him and hurting him is so fun! I then break his little legs under My bare feet, then each little arm. While leaving his broken and bleeding little body there to suffer a slow death is tempting, I finally crush him to death under My foot.

6 minutes……….$6.99……….more info
Toe Time

It is time for My pedicure and while some women use boring cotton to separate their toes, I much prefer putting My pets to work as toe separators. See Me give Myself a pedicure with three little men stuffed between My toes.

Some POV, lots of toe action.

8 minutes………$7.99……….more info
Oh, How Olive Crushing You!

I have turned many little men and women into black olives using magic and revel in the pleasure of squishing them beneath My bare feet!

Brief POV, tons of closeups of the olive squishing underneath My feet!

9 minutes……….$9.99……….more info
Superstorm Sandy killed all the footage, but don't worry- we will reshoot this!
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Little Giantesses!

Ever wonder how it all started? Take a trip back in time to watch Me as a little girl as I play with Evil Manda and we discover together how much we want to have little men as pets to torture. Watch as Evil Manda tears her little man apart, we both bite them, pull them between the two of us, step on them with our bare feet and sit on them- Evil Manda helps stuff them in My underwear for some booty crush. I even stuff 2 little toy men into My sock and wonder how amazing it would feel if they were real….so I could feel them squirming and struggling under My weight with every step. At the end we wish really hard to have real little men to play with- and our wish comes true!