Evil Manda

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I love being a Giantess, a Goddess, Your Mistress. I love to be the cause of your suffering! The sound of your screams is music to My ears. The fact that the tremble in your voice as you beg for mercy turns Me on more than I will ever let you know. To watch tears of fear and release drip from those tiny eyes brings an involuntary grin to My lips. I wonder "If I ate him now, would I taste the salt in those pathetic tears?"

I am cruel, heartless and without mercy- and proud of it. If you are looking for a gentle model, you have come to the wrong place! But, if you have come crawling on your dirty little knees to grovel at My feet, knowing that I will tear you apart and laugh at your screams- I am your Goddess!

I am no longer doing videos, but you had better buy each and every one in which I star!

Follow Me, weaklings!
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The very first video that I shot has been recovered! Watch Little Isabelle and Me play with action figures and talk about how We just can't WAIT to be big so that We will have REAL little men to play with!
Scene from:
Little Giantesses
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I am slowly shrunk by Isabelle Shy for eating Her pet
Scene from:
Mini Manda
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Tiny little Me tries to get unaware Isabelle's attention
Scene from:
Katelyn's Gift
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I travel through Isabelle's digestive tract
Added on: 3-27-13
Scene from:
Fantastic Vorage
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I am shrunk to tiny size in this parody of famous cereal scene from HIBUTK
Scene from:
Honey, I Shrunk Evil Manda
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A rescue mission to save Me from Isabelle's digestive tract backfires
Scene from:
Fantastic Vorage 2: Journey to the Center of Izabell
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Gummy Bears Tortured & Eaten by Me
Scene from: I Hate You
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Tinies that have been transformed into Nerds are destroyed
Scene from:
Nerd Alert
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Isabelle eats little mouse women that have trashed Her kitchen
Scene from:
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Gingerbread man is ridiculed, broken apart and eaten
Scene from:
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Preya & I do a growth experiment on Isabelle
Scene from:
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Living gummy bears tortured and devoured by 2 hot girls
Scene from:
Gummybear Massacre
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Peeping toms caught and turned into marshmallow peeps
Scene from:
Peeping Toms
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I shrink down Isabelle- then turn Her into a gummy and eat Her!
Scene from:
The Student Becomes the Teacher
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